Pit Garage Walling

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Gala Performance Fabric Pit Walling

Gala Performance Fabric Pit Walling

Powered by leading exhibition framework manufacturer Octanorm, this system uses high quality aluminium framework and high-definition printed tension fabric panels. Lightweight yet professional.

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Shop Traditional Pit Walling

Pit Walling

This classic model of pit walling takes high quality aluminium framework and inserts aluminium composite panels to provide a robust, functional partition in pit garages. Can be supplied plain or printed.

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Octawall Dual Pit Walling

Octawall Dual Pit Walling

The top-of-the-range pit walling system from Gala Performance, the Octawall allows for tension fabric or aluminium composite panels, depending on your need. Full customisation options available, including cupboards, TV brackets and helmet storage.

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Gala Performance Pit Garage Walling

When it comes to creating the perfect pit environment, Gala Performance has you covered. With our ranges of pit garage walling solutions, including the Fabric Pit Garage Walling, Traditional Pit Garage Walling, and Octawall Dual System, you can elevate your team's presence and create a professional and cohesive pit environment.

The Fabric Pit Garage Walling offers durability, portability, and stunning visuals, allowing you to showcase your team's branding with ease. The Traditional Pit Garage Walling, a timeless classic, delivers strength, durability, and configurability to meet your team's needs. Finally, the Octawall Dual System provides the ultimate customisation options, allowing you to tailor your pit environment with a range of accessories.

No matter which model you choose, Gala Performance's pit garage walling solutions will enhance your motorsport experience and help your team achieve new levels of professional visibility. Invest in quality, durability, and customisation with Gala Performance's pit garage walling solutions today.

Additional Information:

Fabric Pit Garage Walling

  • Aluminium frame with intricately printed tension fabric panels
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Customisable with team colors and logos

Octawall Dual Pit Walling

  • Aluminium framework with aluminium composite panels
  • Available in plain or printed options
  • Used extensively by top racing teams worldwide

Octawall Dual Pit Walling

  • Can use fabric or aluminium composite panels
  • Fully customisable with cupboards, monitor brackets, and helmet storage

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