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Dual Pit Walling

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When it comes to pit garages, having a seamless and functional walling system is ideal. That's where the Gala Performance Dual Pit Walling System comes in. This innovative solution allows for a customised and versatile setup, whether you prefer solid panels for a more robust finish, or tension fabric for a low packing-volume system.

With its lightweight aluminium frame, it offers multiple options, including solid boards in 3mm thick aluminium composite Dibond, or the high resolution graphic printed silicone edged tension fabric, this walling system offers both durability and aesthetic appeal.

  • Framework
  • Panels
  • Support Options
  • Optional Extras

Upright Posts: 40mm x 40mm x 2100mm aluminium with adjustable feet (Height can be adapted upon request)

Horizontal Beams: 40mm x 40mm ‘T’ shaped beams with Twist-Lock connections (Available as 500mm or 1000mm as standard)

Hard Panels

White 3mm aluminium composite panels (one side gloss finish, one side matte) which slide and fix into framework.

Panels can be adapted with vinyl printed logos in a requested placement (additional costs may apply)


Black-out tension fabric panels with high-resolution full colour printing, cut to fit required framework sizing

10mm stitched silicone edging around outer edge to press into framework to create taut panels

Lozenge style twisted feet

500mm rear support panels (Requires additional 500mm clearance around walling system)

  • TV Bracket (Drilling requires Hard Panels)
  • Helmet Storage Cubby
  • Swanflight Flight Case

Gala Performance Dual Pit Walling System

The Gala Performance Dual Pit Walling System is designed to provide a seamless transition between panels, whether you choose solid boards or tension fabric. This system is available in 500mm or 1000mm widths per panel, allowing you to create a layout that suits your specific needs. The lightweight aluminium frame ensures easy installation and dismantling, making it a practical choice for pit garages.

Advantages of Solid Panels

If you prefer solid panels, the Gala Performance Dual Pit Walling System uses 3mm thick aluminium composite Dibond, which provides added strength and rigidity, ensuring a long-lasting solution. It can be supplied plain or vinyl wrapped, allowing for customisation and branding opportunities.

Tension Fabric for a Versatile Look

For those seeking a more flexible and dynamic pit garage setup that allows for a much lighter transportation, the Gala Performance Dual Pit Walling System also offers tension fabric. This option allows you to create fully printed panels according to your specifications, providing endless possibilities for branding and visual impact. The tension fabric seamlessly attaches to the Aluminium Frame, ensuring a sleek and professional finish.

Additional Features for Enhanced Functionality

The Gala Performance Dual Pit Walling System goes beyond providing a seamless walling solution. It also offers additional features to enhance functionality in your pit garage. This system allows for the incorporation of helmet storage and TV brackets, providing convenience and practicality. Whether you need to store your helmets between races, or display race timings or televised on-track action, this walling system has got you covered.

Octanorm: The Trusted Manufacturer

The Gala Performance Dual Pit Walling System is built using Octanorm's flagship product, Octawall 40. Octanorm is a global professional exhibition producer known for their high-quality and innovative solutions. With their expertise and attention to detail, you can trust that the Gala Performance Dual Pit Walling System is a reliable and durable choice for your pit garage.

Applications and Endorsements

The Gala Performance Dual Pit Walling System has been widely recognised and utilised in various settings. In the British Touring Car Championship paddocks, this system has proven its reliability and functionality. Additionally, it is also preferred by supercar experience providers who require a professional and visually appealing setup for VIP and corporate clients. With its versatility and ease of installation, the Gala Performance Dual Pit Walling System is the go-to choice for pit garages.

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