There are many different flooring options for your pits. Some teams like to use robust PVC flooring tiles, others use sheets of tarpaulin, and others use a self-draining ribbed style of tile, which enables any liquids to disperse evenly and keep feet and uniforms dry. There are several suppliers of the latter type of flooring, but it is important to note that this design of tile is patented, and any flooring that doesn’t come from one particular manufacturer is highly likely to be a cheap, and inferior, imitation tile. That manufacturer is Swisstrax Modular Flooring, and Gala Performance is delighted to be the only motorsport supplier which is approved to stock and supply Swisstrax in the UK.

The world’s leading modular flooring, Swisstrax is used in pit and home garages across the world, by race teams, and other avid petrol-headed individuals tinkering on and under cars.

So, what makes Swisstrax flooring that ‘premium’ option for a race garage?

Resistant to oil and brake fluids

Unlike other garage flooring options, such as regular paint, cheap tiles, or concrete, Swisstrax flooring is completely resistant to oil and brake fluids, amongst others. Furthermore, the leading modular flooring is also self-draining - channels are built into the underside of each tile, allowing liquids to disperse evenly, later evaporating.

However, it’s not only oil and brake fluids the Swisstrax flooring is resistant to - it’s also resistant to other chemicals such as acid and alkalis. So, next time you drive the car in full-speed for the next pits, you needn’t worry in regards to oil or other fluid spills, a quick brush and a clean once in a while will keep things in check.

Little maintenance, full effect.

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Swisstrax diamondtrax garage flooring

Easy to install

All Swisstrax flooring requires no tools to install, simply clip the tiles together and you’re done. This makes it ideal for race teams, installing your custom, fluid-resistant flooring in a matter of minutes.

For those constantly on the road, perhaps attending multiple races meets or events, you can easily and compactly store the tiles in the back of a car or van.

Tip: customise your garage flooring colour to match your team and branding colours.

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Non-slip design

When you’re working on the pit floor, everything must go as planned - lighting speed only is acceptable. Milliseconds count. The Swisstrax non-slip design keeps you and your team in the game, increasing performance and allowing you pit team to get the job done as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

You can’t ask much more from your garage flooring...

Swisstrax flooring

Tolerable to high temperatures

Whether screeching into the pits at full speed or crawling in at a halt, the last you thing you want to worry about is burning your garage flooring.

Swisstrax modular flooring is resistant to temperatures as high as 130 degrees Celsius, unrivalled in design and increasing efficiency for you and your pit crew. The fewer headaches you have to deal with, the better.

So there you have it. You can find much more information on Swisstrax flooring here. If you know the size of your awning but you haven’t given it much further thought, then why not give the team a call on 01709 803 457. All we need are the length and width of the space you’d like to cover. We can provide you with ideas and ispiration from what other race teams have done, or just simply provide you with a free no obligation price quote.


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