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Gala Performance are proud long-time Platinum supporters of the Professional Valeters and Detailers association, which means we’re well placed to understand exactly the type of products a professional in that industry needs.

Pop-Up Tents
The Great British Weather is often the bane of the lives of professional valeters who offer mobile services to individuals at their homes, or to companies with whole fleets of vehicles. A pop-up tent will enable any valeter to complete their work in a dry and clean environment, whatever the weather. Many of our range of gazebos are absolutely fine for one person to transport and erect, whilst also being absolutely a robust tent. If you do work mobile, then consider getting the covers printed with a logo, or at least a web address and telephone number, so that any passers by that see the great work you’ve done can find you easily, and get a job booked in for themselves.

Swisstrax Ribtrax and Smoothtrax Flooring, available to buy in the UK from Gala Performance, is a massively popular product within the valeting and detailing world. The non-slip, self-draining tiles lend themselves perfectly to wet or dry work, indoor or outdoor. The seventeen colour options also enable any professional to set out different areas in their workshop, for example blue tiles beneath the wet area, or white beneath the dry detailing area where cleanliness is vital. Alternatively, a cool chequered effect or a unique design you create yourself will reflect perfectly the kind of business you are, and will look unbelievable on those pictures of supercars that you’ve proudly worked upon.

If you’d like to discuss any of our products then you’re welcome to give the team a call on 01709 803457 and they’ll be happy to chat. Alternatively, check out the Live Chat link below, or simply download a brochure to go and browse our amazing products at your own leisure.

3m x 4.5m PRO 50

Forget flimsy shelters that tremble at the first gust of wind! The Gala Shade Pro 50 Motorsport Tent is a champion of sturdiness, built to endure the bustling world of motorsport paddocks. Crafted with heavyweight 2mm gauge aluminium, its robust 50mm hexagonal legs and framework stand tall, unfazed by the constant activity. But the strength doesn't stop there. Superior quality sprung peak poles add another layer of resilience, ensuring the entire structure weathers the elements with unwavering stability. This is a tent that takes the wear and tear of motorsport in stride, a reliable haven for teams and enthusiasts alike, race after grueling race. So ditch the worries about flimsy canopies and step into the unwavering shelter of the Gala Shade Pro 50 Motorsport Tent - built to last, built to impress.


Choosing a custom printed motorsport awning? Buckle up! Consider these key factors:

Budget: Find the sweet spot between cost and customization. Vinyl offers affordability, while dye-sublimation and MQ-65 awnings bring premium visuals at a higher price.

Design: Need intricate details and vibrant colors for multiple sponsors? Dye-sublimation is your champion. Simpler needs? Vinyl delivers your logo with budget-friendly clarity.

Size & Portability: Pick an awning that fits your team comfortably. If you travel often, prioritize easy transport and setup. Gala Shade's pop-up tents offer various sizes for your convenience.

Beyond Shelter: Go beyond shade! Create a memorable brand experience with impactful visuals, showcase sponsors, and position your awning strategically to attract fans and collaborators.

Partner with Gala Performance: We're your pit crew for top-quality awnings and expert guidance. Unlock your team's branding potential and race towards success!

This rewrite condenses the information into a more concise and engaging paragraph, highlighting key points without losing essential details. Remember, I can further tailor it if you have specific preferences!

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