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Truck Racers, Meet Your Perfect Pit Stop: Introducing the Gala Performance 4x8m Pop-Up Awning

Hold onto your wrenches, truck racers! In the adrenaline-fueled world of motorsport, every second counts. That's why Gala Performance's 4x8m Pop-Up Awning is more than just a tent; it's your strategic advantage. Imagine a spacious, customisable haven that sets up in minutes, shielding your team and truck from sun, rain, and wind. Sounds good, right? But it gets better.

Think ample workspace for repairs and strategising sessions. Imagine dissecting race data or meticulously tuning your engine - all within the comfort of your branded, 12-color haven. Plus, the easy pop-up design means less time fumbling and more time dominating the track.

But a race tent isn't just about shelter. It's the heart of your operations, a rallying point for post-race analysis and pre-race huddles. The Gala Performance Awning becomes your portable HQ, fostering team spirit and focus. So, ditch the flimsy canopies and upgrade to a reliable, efficient pit stop that reflects your professionalism. With the Gala Performance Awning, victory isn't just possible, it's within reach.

4x8M PRO 50

Forget flimsy shelters that tremble at the roar of the engine! Step into the arena of unwavering stability with the Gala Shade Pro 50 Motorsport Tent. This isn't just any pop-up tent; it's a fortress meticulously crafted to endure the rigors of the bustling motorsport paddock. Imagine a haven built with the same heavy-duty 2mm aluminium used in marquees, its sturdy 50mm hexagonal legs and framework standing resolute against the constant activity and enthusiastic crowds. But the strength doesn't stop there. Superior quality sprung peak poles add another layer of resilience, ensuring the entire structure weathers the elements and the thrilling atmosphere with unwavering stability. This is a tent built to last race after gruelling race, a reliable haven for teams and motorsport enthusiasts alike. So ditch the worries about flimsy canopies and step into the unwavering shelter of the Gala Shade Pro 50 Motorsport Tent. It's the perfect pit stop for focus, relaxation, and ultimately, podium finishes. Let the roar of the engines be your soundtrack, not the flapping of a flimsy canopy. Choose the tent that's built to last, built to impress, built for victory. Choose the Gala Shade Pro 50 Motorsport Tent.


Elevate your race day experience with Gala Performance Café Barriers! These versatile barriers offer the perfect blend of brand promotion and practical functionality. Showcase your team, company, or sponsor logos prominently while simultaneously creating designated areas for team members, VIPs, and officials to relax and strategise between races. Choose from durable, water-resistant, and wipe-clean PVC banners perfect for indoor use, or opt for wind-resistant 340gsm mesh banners ideal for outdoor spaces, prioritising both safety and practicality. Our café barriers are made to order, ensuring a perfect fit for your needs. Simply tell us your desired barrier length online, and our team will promptly guide you through the available options. Gala Performance café barriers go beyond mere branding; they create dedicated zones for team relaxation, VIP comfort, and strategic planning, ultimately enhancing your team's race day experience. Invest in a versatile solution that offers brand visibility, adaptability, and long-lasting performance. Contact Gala Performance today and discover how our café barriers can become a valuable asset for your motorsport journey!


Say goodbye to bulky, cumbersome weights! Introducing the innovative, individually sold PVC pyramid tent weight by Gala Performance. This unique design offers incredible ease of transport thanks to its thick rope carry handle, making it the most versatile tent weight on the market. Despite its portability, each pyramid packs a powerful punch, providing a whopping 50kg of anchorage when filled with water.

Securing your gazebo is a breeze: simply fix the weight to the awning using the included heavy-duty ratchet straps and eyelet, then hook it securely to your tent structure. And when it's time to pack up, emptying the weight for effortless transport is just as easy. Remember to check the specifications for recommended weight requirements based on your specific structure. With the Gala Performance PVC pyramid weight, stability meets portability, ensuring a stress-free experience at your next event.

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