Drag Racing

The Gala Performance pop-up Motorsport tent stands as a transformative asset in the realm of drag car racing, offering an array of benefits that significantly elevate the paddock setup for racers. With its quick and effortless assembly, this tent provides a versatile and reliable shelter, shielding racers and their equipment from the unpredictable elements commonly encountered in outdoor racing environments. Its portability ensures adaptability to various race locations, fostering a dynamic and efficient workspace for drag car teams.

The tent's spacious design accommodates not only the drag car itself but also the essential tools, spare parts, and support equipment, fostering a streamlined and organized paddock area. Furthermore, the tent's aesthetic appeal contributes to the overall professional image of the team during gala performances, creating a visually impressive and cohesive presence. In essence, the Gala Performance pop-up Motorsport tent is a pivotal component in upgrading the drag car racer's paddock, enhancing both functionality and presentation in the fast-paced world of motorsports.


This is the largest sized pop-up race awning you can buy from Gala Performance, the 4m x 8m can easily cover two vehicles comfortably, with each getting a spacious 4m x 4m area to work on.

Alternatively, keep one side for the vehicle and another for a breakout area.

Available in 12 colours with matching sidewalls and with the option to customise with either vinyl or dye-sublimation print, we're sure to have a combination to suit your requirements.


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