For many, a vehicle is their pride and joy. Taking it to pieces and then putting it back together again, polishing it, modifying it, polishing it again, and again, and again, before showing it off to like-minded individuals who do exactly the same thing. It’s a hobby that millions love to indulge in, from across the world.

You might call the driver of the Electric Orange Ford Focus ST a boy-racer, but that boy racer has spent countless hours lovingly creating that car to the exact specification they’ve dreamed of, and they probably belong to an Owners Club which will descend upon the Ford Fair or Trax Festival to show off the many modifications that make their vehicle different. Here at Gala Performance, we appreciate our vehicles as much as anybody else, and we know what a good Owner’s Club needs for when they’re presenting their cars and bikes at the automotive festivals.

A good Owner’s Club pitch will have loads of flags, some banners, and maybe even a little flooring for the best of the best of the bunch to sit proudly upon. For all of your Owner’s Club promo needs, get in touch on 01709 803457, start a live chat session via the link below, or simply download a brochure to have a look at the popular products on the go.

Popular products used at car shows

3x3m Pro 50 Pop up Awning

Our Pro 50 range of tents have been a staple among traders for over 20 years and It's no surprise that they are used at events such as car shows.

Available in sizes ranging from 3x3m to 4x8m, they are extremely versatile and robust.

Popular uses range from Merch tents, to Information booths, and everything else in-between, there's certainly no shortage of uses.

3x3m pop up tent used by Fitted at an event
Juicy Details showcasing a gala performance 3x3m pop up and flags at an event

Branded Flags

In the crowded landscape of an event exhibition, standing out is crucial. Custom printed flags offer a dynamic solution, attracting attention like moths to a flame. Their vibrant colors and soaring presence instantly grab eyeballs, even from afar. Imagine your logo and key message dancing in the air, beckoning potential customers towards your stand. These flags act as silent brand ambassadors, pre-communicating your essence before visitors even arrive.

Not only do they boost brand awareness, but they also create a welcoming entrance, guiding attendees directly to your space. So, ditch the generic banners and raise your brand's flag high – it's a guaranteed attention magnet that translates to increased engagement and lasting impact.

PVC Banners

Printed PVC banners shout your presence at events, drawing eyes with bold messages and product offers. Cost-effective and reusable, they're silent salespeople working tirelessly to inform and convert.

In the event arena, clear communication and visual impact win, and PVC banners are your champions. Stand out, save money, and conquer the event!

A-Frane banner used by AET Motorsport

A-Frame Banner

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