Pro 50 Pop Up Awning

Pro 50 3m x 3m

The strongest 3m x 3m pop-up awning you can buy in the UK, the Gala Shade Pro 50 is built to withstand many years of use, and is perfectly sized to cover a bike or kart, or to use as a partial shelter over the engine of a larger car. They are also used extensively by professional teams for storage of kit to keep them dry.

Pro 50 Pop Up Awning

Pro 50 3m x 4.5m

Ideal for smaller cars, bikes, karts and storage for teams of any size. Due to the robust nature of the frame, it is also used by valeters and detailers who perform mobile work, as it has only 4 legs, allowing unfettered access to any part of the vehicle.

Pro 50 Pop Up Awning

Pro 50 3m x 6m

The most popular tent and size that Gala Performance sells. It is a versatile structure that is as suited for providing shelter for the media as it is for supplying merchandise from, and it is for acting as a robust race or service tent to keep the vehicle and team dry and shaded.

Pro 50 Pop Up Awning

Pro 50 4m x 6m

This is a monster. At least 6 inches taller than the 3m wide awnings, the 4m x 6m is a massive open structure which can cover any vehicle you have (perhaps with the exception of trucks!). This requires at least two people to erect it, and overs amazing cover.

Pro 50 Pop Up Awning

Pro 50 4m x 8m

The largest sized pop-up race awning you can buy from Gala Performance, the 4m x 8m can cover two vehicles comfortably, with each getting a spacious 4m x 4m area to work on. Alternatively, keep one side for the vehicle and another for a breakout area. It also makes a great click-and-collect tent for any car dealership looking to protect a vehicle before it is picked up by the new owner.


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