Gala Performance is a company of racers. We make products that we would use at the circuit, whether it’s a testing session at Croft or a 24 hour endurance race at Silverstone, we like to ensure we use only the highest quality materials, so as a motorsport supplier, we will always ensure that we only supply the highest quality products that will help any race team at any level.

We also understand that motorsport tends to come with its own pricing levels, and things tend to be more expensive for racing than they are elsewhere. Well, not at Gala Performance. You can be guaranteed of the same prices in motorsport as any of our other clients in any other industry. This means that whilst it can often be the choice between a new set of tyres and a race tent, with Gala Performance, our pricing structure should make it as easy as possible to buy both.

What is a Race Tent?

Race tents have a multitude of purposes in a paddock, but typically they are used for covering a team and their vehicle(s) as they prepare for a stint on track. A race tent is a convenient place for team members to stand out of the rain, and if done correctly, a successful advertising beacon.

For some race teams, especially those starting out, investing in a race tent or awning may seem like an expensive cost that they’re prepared to compromise on, but there can be two things that happen when they show up to the circuit; one is that the rain comes and everybody is working in the wet when everybody around them is covered, the second one is that the team next door have done it properly, and they immediately look like a more professional outfit. Who will attract the prospective sponsor’s eye first?

The MQ-65 Race Tent

The MQ-65 freestanding motorsport race tent awning is fully customisable and perfect for any application. Available in a range of sizes, including 4m x 6m up to a staggering 6m x 12m, this motorsport marquee is the ideal portable HQ come race day.

It uses super-robust 2.5mm aluminium extrusions, with beams at 65mm in thickness, to create the same kind of framework you might find on a pre-fab permanent building, but uses a light-yet-heavyweight printable PVC for the covers, with a smart beading on each wall-end, which can be slid into in-built grooves on the frameto ensure the walls remain taut and professional at all times.

We design the tent to your requirements, printing custom brand details, logos, motorsport team names, and colours to your preference. With a custom designed race awning from Gala Performance, your drivers and VIPs will not only be kept out the rain, but will be looking the part whilst increasing brand awareness and exposure on race day.

If requested, we can also provide doors and windows for your tent, ideal for the unpredictable British weather. Nonetheless, without doors and windows, it usually comes with a 650g PVC customisable cover, enough to keep even the meanest of storms at bay.

MQ-65 Motorsport Awning

If possible, look to include branding details…

We’re not just racers and suppliers, but we have also got a solid history of providing good level sponsorship and support for teams over the past few years. We know what we look out for in a driver or rider when it comes to support. The power of branding in motorsport is incredible, and having your sponsors emblazoned on you, your car and your tent can help other prospective sponsors to see what you’re prepared to do. Sponsorship is a changeable thing too, though. One year you have full sponsorship from one place, the next year it’s made up from lots of different places, so consider simply getting the tent printed up to match your vehicle, and offer your sponsors something a little different, such as a dedicated, and relatively low cost feather flag or banner?

To find out more, or to buy the MQ-65 race tent, click here, or why not give the team a call on 01709 803457 and have a chat about your next season’s plans, and how a Gala Performance awning can make all of the difference.


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