Race tents are a must-have addition to the paddock area you’re building in the motorsport world. They are a warm and dry place for drivers and the crew to work on optimising the vehicle for the next stint on the tarmac, or to relax and get into the zone.

However, we do understand that race awnings are often a nice-to-have for some teams and drivers, whose race funding is ploughed straight back into the vehicle. After all, there’s no point having a nice awning if your car doesn’t have a front quarter and you can’t get it out on track, is there? We know this. We’re racers ourselves, and we understand the costs involved. We’re also suppliers, and we have worked with countless teams and drivers, to find the best possible solution for them.

And the best advice we can think of? Don’t buy a race awning at all, source a sponsor who will be willing to buy it for you, in exchange for their branding across the whole thing.

If your team is on the smaller side or you can’t justify the cost of a large, customisable tent, why not pitch the idea to a prospective sponsor?

Many motorsport sponsors, certainly in this day and age, are not fond of handing over large amounts of cash for the benefit of a logo on the front of the vehicle, or a list of sponsors tagged onto the end of a social media post. Motorsport sponsors want to see something real for their money, so why not offer it to them in the form of a functional and eye catching motorsport awning, which they can purchase on your behalf?

Benefits of a Sponsored Awning for Race Teams

  • You have a usable and professional race awning. It’s a need-to-have product, but it’s sometimes down on the shopping list.
  • You align your brand stronger with the sponsor, which can lead to greater deals.
  • Professional paddock space – a large race awning emblazoned with the logos and designs of your sponsor can appeal to other prospective sponsors. It gives the impression that you’re a brand worth following and working with.
  • Improved, and relevant social media content, which can focus solely on that brand and what they have done for you. Other brands will view it and consider you an appealing prospect.

custom branded banner flag
Printed flag

Benefits of a Sponsored Awning for Companies

  • Your sponsor gets the honour of being the only name on your tent, raising its own profile above even the biggest investors.
  • Relatively cheap advertising. We have a marketing team, we know the cost of advertising on TV, billboards, radio, and online. A custom printed race tent will cost just a fraction of that.
  • Prominent position on live streams. When you’re being interviewed before or after the race, what better visual to your sponsor than being stood in front of the branded unit?

Gala Performance has sponsored many drivers over the past few years, with mixed results, but the most successful relationships were the ones which started small and grew over time, so we know the value of building a solid foundation of a relationship with a driver, team, or championship. Right now, we’re not currently looking to work with any additional organisations from a sponsor perspective, but if you’re on the look out for sponsorship, it’s always worth having something up your sleeve to ask for, such as a race tent, or flags and banners.

Essentially, a motorsport sponsor may not necessarily want to hand over the cash for you to race, but more often than not, they may just stretch to something else that you can use within the paddock, and if it’s emblazoned with their branding, then all the better!

If you’d like to discuss prices and availability of Gala Performance race tents ahead of proposing it to a sponsor, then why not give us a bell on 01709 803457 and have a chat to the team about previous work we’ve done. We can help you to understand exactly what the money will buy, and why they’re the best race awnings you can find.

To view the Gala Performance selection of race tents and awnings, click here.


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