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Available to buy in the UK from Gala Performance, Swisstrax is the world’s finest modular flooring, and is ideal for balconies and decking.

There are five main ranges of Swisstrax flooring, beginning with the popular Ribtrax, mainly used for automotive purposes including in garages, for valet and detailing businesses, and in-home gyms.

Other ranges of Swisstrax include Smoothtrax, Diamondtrax, Turftrax, and Vinyltrax.

All Swisstrax flooring is suitable for balconies and decking, although the most fitting is likely the Vinyltrax - this is the most visually pleasing and sleek looking option. Popular colours include medium maple, light maple, carbon fibre, and reclaimed pine. So, why should you choose Vinyltrax?


Unlike other flooring options, Swisstrax Vinylxtrax is able to sustain considerable weight - 25,000 lbs to be exact.

Likewise, the Vinyltrax, alongside all Swisstrax floorings are heat and chemical resistant. This makes it ideal for hosting BBQs, mixers, or family get-together’s - all without the worry of staining and/or damaging your decking.

At most, a wipe down once in a while would be required - keeping the floor looking clean and as good as new year-round.


The channel system underneath each tile provides anti-fatigue properties. This provides enhanced comfort when standing for long periods of time.

The high-quality and precision design ensures years of wear and tear. If that’s not good enough, we also offer a fifteen-year warranty on Swisstrax Modular Flooring.


Whether you’re after a more modern balcony and decking or a more traditional looking one, Vinyltrax is the way forward - a smart, beautiful, and efficient flooring option from Swisstrax.


All Swisstrax flooring is put together without tools, with the tiles connected together for a tight, secure, and strong fit. This means no adhesive is required; if you want to clean under the flooring from time to time, you can do so with no-hassle.

Likewise, if moving house, you can take your Swisstrax flooring with you - without ruining your balcony or decking. Simply unclip the tiles and pack them in the car - it’s as simple as that.

We do recommend that you measure your space and give us a call, and we will work with you quickly to find the best style, colours and design for your space. We’ve sold thousands and thousands of these tiles over the past few years, we’ve seen some great ideas, so we’ll be happy to share.

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