Whether you’re attending a local track meeting, or your team is competing at the pinnacle of racing of the season, you’re likely to be using a race tent or awning.

Even when you have a full deluxe garage space at your disposal, this is your base of operations - where your race drivers and VIPs come to relax, where your drivers watch their colleagues and rivals, and where the wider team stands, as anxiety builds lap upon lap.

However, while that’s all great, it’s important to anchor down your race awning or tent with some weight, whether that be via a few spare tyres, the water buoy, or something a little more professional, such as some weights and serious anchorage.

Failure to anchor your tent properly, whether that’s a result of not enough weight or poor placement can be disastrous, sending your tent or awning into the distance and wiping out everything in its path. With a single gust of wind, admittedly it would have to be a very large gust of wind, but your tent could even blow onto the track.

For this reason, and the safety of your team, other drivers, and spectators, it’s essential, that you anchor your race tent or awning properly. Proper anchorage can be achieved via numerous methods, including:

• Cast iron weights
• Sandbag weights
• Water-filled weights
• Concrete block or another heavy object

Each method of anchorage has it’s own benefits, for example, sandbag weights are much better suited for hard and soft standing surfaces, a much more practical option than dragging around a concrete block or two.


The most popular method of anchorage is the use of cast-iron weights. Cast-iron weights are subtle, practical, and look professional, much more so than a few deck chairs holding the tent from blowing off into the distance.

These weights are compact and can easily be transported between events, an ideal solution to anchoring your race tent or awning.

To view the Gala Tent selection of cast iron weights, click here.


Sandbag weights are easy to transport, less of an eyesore compared to other methods, and provide great anchorage for soft and hard standing surfaces. However, sandbags are not the most effective method, but certainly the most cost-effective and ideal for those constantly on the go.

To view our selection of sandbag weights, click here.


Water-filled weights are the next best thing since sliced bread - originally developed for our motorsport brand, Gala Performance. Light in design, these weights can be folded up and transported with ease. Once ready to use, fill with water and place on one corner of your awning or tent. Each weight provides up to 50kg of support; no tent is going flying with these bad boys...

To view the Gala Performance water-filled weights, click here.


Gala Performance 40kg concrete blocks are an excellent option for anchoring any race tent. They come with a sleek, tidy shape, with anchor point hooks built into them, to ensure no matter the strapping type, you can strap it up. The main drawback of this solution, versus the water-weights for example, is that the transporting load is of course heavier as the 40kgs comes with you wherever you go, but the time saved on avoiding filling with water can be better spent elsewhere, such as tinkering with the alignment.

To view Gala Performance concrete weights, click here.

If you’re not sure which race tent anchors are best suited for you and your tent, then just give the team a call on 01709 803457 and we’ll be delighted to help.

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