In today’s image-driven, sponsorship chasing world of motorsport, whatever the level of competition, if you are looking to forge a career out of it, then creating an attractive paddock space for your race team should be a high priority, providing a comfortable environment for drivers and sponsors alike to get some downtime between races, or stints behind the wheel.

As racers ourselves, we like to ensure we present our team as professionally as possible. We want the paddock space to reflect who we are as a brand, and there’s also the psychological impact that a bigger and better paddock space can have over your competitors. Sometimes, it means they want to beat you more, other times, it can have the fear factor. But really, we just want somewhere nice to spend a full weekend.

As the experts in creating a pretty special place for our drivers and crew, we’ve created a checklist for all paddock spaces, beginning with a must-have, a sponsored race tent.


A large race awning with people in the doorway. A flag is attached to it.

No paddock space is complete without a race tent, providing a sheltered branding beacon, increasing exposure and protecting drivers and team members from Britain’s finest weather. Also, consider using your tent to promote yours and your sponsors’ brands, increasing exposure and building your overall image as a race team.

Nowadays, whatever the level of competition, whether it’s a club level one-make series or a mid-level support series for the Elites, you will find somebody filming, taking photos, or taking interviews for the live stream. Imagine the excitement for your sponsor who’s showing the show to their investors and colleagues back at the office, when the interviewers comes to you and you’re in front of the kind of paddock set-up that would make Mercedes F1 blush, with a brightly coloured, fully branded race tent proudly standing behind you on the TV.

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Swisstrax flooring is the world’s finest modular flooring, available in many different colours and styles. The self-draining design keeps your crew’s feet and tools dry, allowing them to focus on the task at hand, whether that’s tinkering with the car, relaxing with the drivers, or operating the team radio.

Swisstrax Modular Flooring is available in up to eighteen fantastic colours, depending on the model, which means that you can likely order flooring to match up to your team’s branding. It is in use by hundreds of race teams across the world, as Swisstrax is a fully global brand, and Gala Performance is the UK’s only approved Swisstrax stockist for motorsport clients.

To view our full range of Swisstrax flooring options, click here.

A professional detailing workshop with white walls and chequered swisstrax uk flooring


Custom flags add a new dimension to your paddock set up, allowing you to promote your brand or team high into the sky for all drivers and spectators to see. These are available in three different styles and sizes, custom printed for increased exposure.

They are a relatively low-cost, high-impact product, which can either help the crowds to find you when they gain paddock access, or to supplement the incredible impact of your branded race awning.

To view our full range of Gala Performance custom racing flags, click here.


Who said cafe barriers are exclusive to those serving hot or cold beverages? Cafe barriers are also a useful tool for creating a VIP space for drivers to relax with their guests. Consider adding a set of folding table and chairs, adding to the atmosphere and allowing those who need it most to let loose.

They are available with a variety of banner material options, with the most popular being the wind-resistant mesh cafe barriers. The thousands of tiny holes will allow air and wind to traverse through the barriers, ensuring they remain upright, even in the windiest of paddocks.

To view our full range of cafe barriers, click here.

Other Popular Products

Gala Performance is also a supplier of professional quality walling systems and racewear, so if you’re one of the lucky teams who will get a garage space, we do have products that can help to stand you out from the rest, so do give us a bell on 01709 803457 now, to chat to the team about your next season’s plans and what we can do to assist.

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