PVC Banners

Printed banners, available to buy from Gala Performance in almost unlimited size options, are a great, low-cost way to add a personal touch to any motorsport team, championship, or exhibition. Choose from 440gsm PVC for those on a tight budget, 550gsm for the premium quality PVC banners, or the increasingly popular wind-resistant 340gsm mesh banners, each with full colour matching and high resolution graphics, as well as heavy duty eyelets to ensure you can hang it anywhere you require.


Add a PVC or wind-resistant mesh banner to the back of your race tent, or across your trailer. With a simple banner that has your logo emblazoned large and for all to see, you can instantly set yourself apart from others within the paddock. Consider selling advertising space, or adding your sponsor logos to a PVC banner, to give value back to those that support you.


At such low prices, PVC banners enable you to sell advertising space on an as and when basis. They’re lighter, and more easily transportable than the heavy aluminium boarding, and with costs as low as £14 for a banner, they can be easily replaced by new advertiser spaces at each round of the series.

Exhibitions and Automotive Show Banners

PVC banners from Gala Performance are an amazing and low-cost solution for directing visitors into, and around the arena. Promote your brand, and those of the sponsors in areas which will be seen and remembered by all.

With all of the PVC and mesh banners available to buy from Gala Performance, and indeed for all promotional products we supply, our designers are more than happy to work with you to create the perfect package of style and substance. Simply give our team a call on 01709 803457 to chat about your requirements, send us your logos, and we’ll be happy to do the rest.

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