Building your Motorsport Brand

Branding is one of those buzzwords we hear on the regular. However, just how important is branding as a racing driver?

Before we discuss just how powerful branding is, we first need to define the term. Branding is the name, design, or other easily identifiable features of a company or individual. For example, when we hear the words “just do it” we instantly recognise this as the sporting goods giant, Nike.

So, back to the original question: just how important is branding? A successful branding campaign or brand features set you out from the crowd, especially if these features are have distinguishing, for example, a certain catchphrase, temperament, or signature celebration. But this isn’t the finish line… successful branding is heavily reliant on your branding strategy, e.g. how you promote yourself, your contribution to services outside of racing, how you present yourself in public, and your overall image.

As you can see, there are many different components that make up a successful branding campaign. These can be tailored to an individual, what works for one person may not work for another.

It’s time to switch gear and fly right by

Sponsors and scouts are no longer turned on by a sticker on a car. Instead, you should look to build a brand as a driver. This increases your desirability to sponsors with something to sell. Let’s take the example of Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton is a poster boy for both Mercedes and Formula One, and one of the greatest drivers of the current generation.

Hamilton has over 19.6 million followers on Instagram, regularly sharing to his story and adding to posts. However, Hamilton also discusses real-world issues, including his take on racism in Formula One and as a whole. By speaking out about his values and opinions, Hamilton gains greater traction and respect from others. This acts as a beacon, shining a light on the superstar racer and increasing public exposure.

Put Hamilton in any racing car, and you’ll know who it is, instantly. That’s the power of a successful branding campaign, social media following, and of course, being the best driver in Formula One.

Increasing your social media following

One of the easiest ways to grow a brand is to be the brand. Build a larger social media following and regularly interact with your audience. Share insights into racing, training, and everyday life. Regular people often thirst for a look inside the life of a driver, what training they get up to, what diet they choose, and what car they drive when not racing on the track.

A successful branding campaign is not built overnight. Stick with it and steer into the skid, it’s only a matter of time before you gain exposure. If you’re good enough, of course.

Gala Performance has a fantastic printing and branding department in-house, so if you’re looking to elevate your driver profile with some designwork, or printed items to add to your paddock space or workshop, then why not give the team a bell on 01709 803457 to have a chat about what you’re wanting to achieve. We can help.

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