Branding in motorsport has taken a turn for the better, for the drivers, teams, and sponsors involved. Historically speaking, logos and advertisements were placed on cars, and this was the main, if not the only form of advertising - other than banners on the side of the track, of course.

Whilst cars are still littered in-household brand names, the rise and popularity of social media has created a different branding route for those involved. Now, social media plays a heavy influence in the world of motorsport.

For example, sponsorship no longer consists of paying a large sum of money for a sticker on the side of a car. Instead, sponsors and those involved in branding are reaching out to drivers and race teams with large social media followings. These companies use these large following to push products, for example, see Max Verstappen drinking a Redbull on an Instagram post. This causes you too, to want a Redbull, perhaps to be more like Verstappen, or in some subconscious way, you think drinking Redbull will make you a better driver.

The power of branding is huge and is growing each and every day. Companies are finding new and innovative ways to advertise their products, whether that’s through other influencers, drivers, or directly through teams.

Branding is everywhere…

Branding is everywhere, on every turn of the track, in the paddock, and on every street corner until race day. Brand details are scattered on sponsored gazebos, awnings, vehicles, and custom feather banners.

Successful branding should consist of innovative and creative physical branding and social media advertising. Find the right balance and you’ve struck gold.

Motorsport Branding Tent

Are you ready to take your motorsport branding to the next level?

The Gala Performance team are ready to take your branding to the next level. We have a variety of custom products including gazebos, pop up awnings, branded flags and barriers, all of which are ideal for promoting your brand on race day and beyond.

If you’re in the market for any branded solutions for your race team, whether it’s some advice and help on creating a logo, or you’re after a full paddock set up with awning, flags, banners, flooring and pit walling systems. Give the team a call on 01709 803457 now to have a chat about what you’re wanting to achieve, and we’ll do our very best for you.


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