Swisstrax UK Modular Flooring

Since 2017, Gala Performance has been the UK's original supplier of Swisstrax Modular Flooring. It was originally brought to the country for the motorsport industry, but has since exploded in popularity with users installing it at home in garages, man-caves, home gyms and around pools and hot tubs. It is also a very popular product with professional valeters and detailers, and it's no surprise that many copy-cat products have now hit the UK market.

Gala Performance, however, will always be the original and most reliable supplier of Swisstrax Modular Flooring in the UK, thanks to our exceptional service and buying power.

Swisstrax Ribtrax Modular Flooring

The most popular model in the Swisstrax Modular Flooring range here in the UK, Ribtrax is a superb quality product. With seventeen colours available, the customisation options for your garage space, paddock set-up or workshop are practically unlimited.

Price from: £7.99

What are the benefits of Swisstrax Modular Flooring?

There are many benefits to Swisstrax flooring that make it ideal for multiple floor covering use. Let's a have a look at some of those.


Swisstrax Ribtrax flooring is designed in such a way that it is completely non-slip. Some solid PVC flooring can become extremely slippery in wet or cold conditions, Swisstrax does not have any such troubles.

Load-Bearing Capacity

Swisstrax flooring is remarkably strong. It can withstand weights up to 35 tonnes - this flooring is in use in aircraft hangars - if it can withstand an aeroplane, it can withstand gym equipment, vehicles and mechanical equipment.

Temperature Resistance

Swisstrax has phenomenal temperature resistance capabilities. Many plastic floor tiles, particularly PVC tiles, are known to be responsive to extreme temperature - expanding and shrinking according to the heat or cold. Swisstrax can withstand temperatures from -22F up to 248F.


Each ribbed and vented tile is built with a series of narrow gaps that allow water or other liquids to run away beneath the tile. There are a series of channels cut into the underside, enabling liquid to disperse evenly.

Resistance to Abrasive Substances

Swisstrax is capable of resisting many usually abrasive substances, including acids, alkaline and brake fluids. This makes it ideal for automotive workshops, pit garages and laboratories, as well as swimming pools where chlorine is used.

Rapid Installation

One of the great things about Swisstrax is that you don't need a lifetime of experience in floor laying, building or any other manual qualifications. It's simple enough to lay by one person in a matter of minutes. This is especially useful if you use it in a motorsport paddock and need hands elsewhere quickly.

Swisstrax for Home Garages

Transform your home garage into a showpiece that you can't wait to spend time in, with Swisstrax Modular Flooring tiles. With 17 colours available, there are unlimited possibilities for creating your dream design.

It is exceptionally easy to install, with each tile simply clicking into the next. There may be some cutting required along one or more of the edges, depending on the dimensions of your space, but this can be done using a jigsaw, hacksaw or tile cutting tool and your floor can be installed in less than an hour.

It is cheaper to buy than resin, prettier to look at that floor paint, and is the world's leading flooring of its kind. If you love your home garage, treat it to Swisstrax flooring.

A home garage with swisstrax flooring in black, white and blue
Techno Green, Jet Black and Slate Grey Swisstrax Garage Flooring

Swisstrax for Commercial Use

Designed for adaptability, these tiles easily disassemble and move with you, saving you the cost and disruption of installing in a new space.

Swisstrax is ideal for workshops, auto detailing bays, and industrial settings. It's no wonder Swisstrax is a favourite among valets, detailers, and vehicle wrap specialists – their floors stay pristine and protected, even under heavy use and exposure to potentially damaging substances.

Many professional detailers will be entrusted with vehicles worth tens, or hundreds of thousands of pounds. If you're one of them, and you have an active social media profile, sharing before-and-after images and work-in-progress videos, Swisstrax helps you to enhance the visual spectacle. Not only is it completely functional, but it looks amazing, helping you to create a slick, professional environment.

Swisstrax for Motorsport

Their modular design makes installation and reconfiguration a breeze, letting you adapt your workspace to any race's demands. But the benefits go far beyond flexibility. Crafted from high-grade polypropylene, these tiles boast unmatched weight bearing capacity, handling even the heaviest equipment like floor jacks without a flinch. This translates to worry-free maintenance and repairs, crucial for those crucial seconds shaved off lap times.

But Swisstrax isn't just about practicality. With 17 vibrant colours, you can design a paddock floor that reflects your team's spirit, boosting morale and creating a professional image. From bold team colours to safety-enhancing zone markings, the possibilities are limitless. And when the chequered flag falls, the easy-to-clean tiles ensure your pit is quickly race-ready for the next challenge.

Black Swisstrax, Grey Swisstrax or something more colourful?

We carry many colours of Swisstrax in stock here in the UK, and others need to be imported, but here's the full selection of colours of Swisstrax Modular Flooring we can supply.

A closer look at Swisstrax Modular Flooring, available to buy in the UK from Gala Performance

How to buy Swisstrax Modular Flooring in the UK

As the UK's original supplier of Swisstrax modular flooring, we have built a long, professional relationship with Swisstrax Europe. We stock tens of thousands of tiles here in the UK, with delivery as quickly as next working day. Some colours do need to be imported on an ad hoc basis, so we recommend that you get in touch with our team on 01709 803457 to chat about your project and let us guide you with reliable, honest advice.

Alternatively, give the calculator a go below, and give us a call if you need us.

Swisstrax Tile Calculator

Enter your size requirements, add extra options if required and we will calculate how many of each item you will need.

You will need...
cm x cm
tile(s) required
Edging for sides.
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This planner can also be used to calculate how many Swisstrax tiles are needed to cover an area. Colour requirements and pricing can be discussed with a member of the team by calling 01709 803 457, Live Chat, or by requesting a callback.

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