Pack of 10 - 15cm Sidewall Ground Pegs

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Elevate Your Gala Experience: Secure with Precision

Attention Gala Tent and Shade enthusiasts! Ever been concerned about the stability of your side panels during unexpected gusts of wind?

Introducing our meticulously designed Side Panel Ground Pegs. Specially crafted for those who understand the importance of an unwavering foundation, these pegs ensure your Gala Tent or Shade stays put, giving you peace of mind during your events.

Measuring at approximately 15cm, these robust pegs are perfect for anchoring both the inside and outer skirts of your structure. For optimal stability, we recommend using about 8 to 10 pegs for every 2m/3m side wall section.

Don't leave the security of your setup to chance. Enhance your Gala experience today and invest in pegs that promise strength and stability. Secure now and set up with confidence!
Product Specification: Side Panel Ground Pegs

  • Peg Length: Approximately 15cm.
  • Recommended Usage: For optimal anchoring, use around 8 to 10 pegs for each 2m/3m side wall section.
  • Application: Designed for pegging down both the inside and outside areas of your Gala Tent or Shade side panels.
Ensure a firm foundation and enhance the stability of your setup with these robust pegs. Perfect for all Gala Tent and Shade enthusiasts.

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