Which size race tent do I need?

The obvious answer to the question of which size race tent you need is that it really depends on the size of the vehicle you’re racing, and what else you want to do inside your race tent.

Are you focused solely on maintaining and priming your car or bike for the race, and you only want the tent to cover you whilst you get race ready in your portable mechanic’s garage? Or, are you an ambitious racing driver who’s building a brand, and will want to cover some VIPs and sponsors who come to get the racetrack experience alongside you?

Typically, a larger rectangular structure, such as a 3m x 6m or 4m x 8m race awning, can cover both the team and the vehicle, as the legs help you to effectively split the structure into two zones; one for the vehicle and another to break out and relax between races. Other teams will purchase two tents of the same size, such as 3m x 4.5m, which can enable you to split the zones further, but let’s look primarily at which size tent will cover your vehicle if you do not intend to create a hospitality area.

Finding the ideal race tent can be tough, especially when it comes to sheltering a vehicle, whether that be a motorcycle, four by four, or rally car. To help you find what race tent you need, we’ve put together this short guide.

3m x 3m Pop Up Race Tent

The 3m x 3m pop-up awning will not fit most full sized car, but they a great fit for motorcycles and privateer karting teams running a single vehicle. They also make fantastic tyre storage, catering, or relaxation spaces for drivers when used alongside a large truckside awning, or similar.

3m x 4.5m Pop up Race Tent

The 3m x 4.5m pop-awning is where four-wheeled vehicles begin to fit. You’re looking at standard 1,600 or less engines, so if you’re racing Mighty Minis you’ll be fine. Other smaller single seater vehicles such as Caterhams are also well served by a tent of this size.

3m x 6m Pop up Race Tent

This is where you start to achieve some real space for your vehicle and team, but it will depend on how you configure it. If you have the vehicle in one side, using the 3m x 3m space available, you might find the nose of the car pokes out of the front, which is fine on clear days. If it starts to rain, then you will be able to fit the vehicle in lengthways.

*printing incurs an additional cost. Please enquire for more info.

4m x 6m Pop up Race Tent

The 4m x 6m is large enough to fit two average-sized cars comfortably side by side with a little breathing room. This makes it a great awning size to shelter cars, but less so to view them as if you were at a car show. Bulkier vehicles, such as the Nissans that grace the track at the British Drift Championship, will easily fit beneath the structure, and the fact that this tent only has four legs means that you have full access to every aspect of the vehicle, and all of it is comfortably covered. A great choice for motorsport.

4m x 8m Pop Up Race Tent

2 cars beneath a 4m x 8m pop up race tent
A custom made 4m x 8m pop up race tent

The best of the best when it comes to pop-up race tents, in every sense of the word. The 4m x 8m tents are only available in the two very strongest models available to buy at Gala Tent, simply because they have to be. A tent this large requires the biggest and best components to ensure it remains upstanding at all times. You can easily fit two vehicles in here with space to manoeuvre, but we heartily recommend it as a combination tent, with vehicle maintenance in one side and comfort and relaxation in the other, but the choice is yours.

*Printing on pop up race tents incurs additional costs. Please enquire with the team if you would prefer customisation.

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Heavy Duty Freestanding Race Awnings

4m x 6m Freestanding Awning

The Gala Performance MQ-65 freestanding awnings are not quite as simple to erect as the pop-up tents, but they more than make up for it in sheer strength. The 4m x 6m awning will enable you to fit one or two vehicles in, but we recommend just the one and making the most of the structure.

Similarly, this size awning is great for car shows in adverse weather, providing room for visitors to stand under shelter with plenty of room to admire the vehicles on show.

4m x 8m Freestanding Race Awning

Two vehicles and some of the team will get in here with ease. The real difference maker between this and the pop-up structures, beyond the strength, is the materials used in the covers. High quality, fully customisable PVC with beading, that enables the walls to slide into the framework, creating a wonderfully taut, high quality image for you and your team.

6m x 8m Freestanding Awning

A large race awning with people in the doorway. A flag is attached to it.

Now you’re talking. This professional race tent will cover even the most powerful and large cars, covering two GT or LMP cars, with space for the team to do their work.

6m x 12m Freestanding Awning

Image of 6x12 race tent

The top of the Gala Performance Race Tent range is the GP MQ-65 6m x 12m Race Tent. With sliding curtain walls, 65mm wide aluminium framework, customisable PVC covers, and additional extras such as hard doors or roll-up windows, this structure can cover up to four different cars, plus your whole team.

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