Swisstrax VS Cheaper Alternatives

Cheap garage flooring options include rubber matting, regular tiles, garage floor paint, epoxy resin, and acrylic sealer. However, while some of these flooring options are widely used, this does not go to say they are the best.

The world’s finest modular flooring; Swisstrax, which is only available officially in the UK from Gala Performance, is a stylish, modern, budget-friendly, practical, and highly sought after flooring option, especially in the world of motorsport. It is a premium flooring system that comes at an attractive price. In use by successful British Touring Car Championship teams, Jay Leno loves it, and Barrett Jackson uses it in all his luxury car showrooms.

So, what’s the hype behind it? Why is it so sought after and why is it better than cheap alternatives?


Whether kitting out your garage with Swisstrax flooring, your decking, or your swimming pool, all flooring benefits from a non-slip and self-draining design.

Both the Ribtrax and the Smoothtrax utilise this. This is made possible thanks to a series of channels built-in to the underside of each tile. Alongside the vented design, this allows liquid, including water to disperse evenly, quickly evaporating.


Unlike Epoxy resin and other flooring solutions, Swisstrax flooring is non-permanent and requires no tools to put together.

The tiles simply clip into place, providing a secure, tight, and strong fit. The installation is seamless and efficient, yet does not sacrifice on quality.

Likewise, if you choose to move home elsewhere in the UK, you can take your Swisstrax flooring with you with ease.


Both the Ribtrax and the Smoothtrax have a weight-bearing capacity of 35 tonnes static and 20 tonnes when rolling e.g. driving a car into a garage.

The Smoothtrax does not have a curved top like the Ribtrax and contains less depth. This makes it ideal for navigating jacks and dollies or other equipment around a home garage.

Swisstrax is strong as flooring options come, making it a great choice for home garages, gyms, car showrooms, decking, or anything in-between.


Finally, unlike other flooring options, Swisstrax flooring is fully customizable. There is a choice of seventeen colours for the Ribtrax tiles and six for the Smoothtrax.

However, all Swisstrax tiles are compatible with one another. You can also mix and match the colours, creating any design, pattern, or flooring you so choose.


Gala Performance is incredibly proud to be the UK’s only Approved Importer of official Swisstrax tiles. It is important to understand that there may be alternative options available on the UK market that appear to be Swisstrax Modular Flooring. Please be aware of any cheaper imitation tile. Swisstrax tiles are protected by patent, and suppliers of cheap imitation tiles are unlikely to be permitted to supply them for long. Any purchases from these cheaper suppliers is a risk, as there may nor be an opportunity to fix it down the line when they break. At Gala Performance, you are protected by Swisstrax’s fifteen year warranty, and peace of mind.

We do recommend that you measure your space and give us a call, and we will work with you quickly to find the best style, colours and design for your space. We’ve sold thousands and thousands of these tiles over the past few years, we’ve seen some great ideas, so we’ll be happy to share.

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