Showroom Flooring


Vehicle showrooms are next-in-line to reap the many benefits of Swisstrax; the world’s finest modular flooring, which is only available to buy officially in the UK from Gala Performance.

Supporting up to 35 tonnes in weight, resistance to all fluids including oil and brake fluid, and tolerable to temperatures as high as 120 degrees celsius, Swisstrax flooring is unrivalled in its design.

The most popular flooring for vehicle showrooms is no doubt the Ribtrax. With a choice of 17 different colours, a chemical resistant, non-slip, and self-draining design, and FREE next-day working delivery to most UK mainland addresses - what’s not to love?

Other ranges of Swisstrax flooring include Smoothtrax and Diamondtrax, both suitable for vehicle showrooms and home and commercial garages, and have their own benefits, such as comfortable smooth top, or hard, checkerplate top.


As previously mentioned, all Swisstrax garage flooring is resistant to fluids and chemicals. This includes brake fluid, oil, and even acid and alkalines - helping keep your vehicle showroom floor clean and hazard-free year-round.

Likewise, all Swisstrax flooring is non-slip and self-draining. This is thanks to the built-in channels on the underside of each tile and the vented design, allowing liquids to run off and disperse evenly, quickly evaporating.


Unlike many other vehicle showroom and garage flooring options, all Swisstrax modular flooring, including the Ribtrax are simple and quick to install, requiring no tools or adhesive.

Simply clip the tiles together and slot into fashion - it’s that simple.

If taking your vehicle showroom on the road, you can pack up your flooring in a matter of minutes to slog along with you - unpacked and put together before you can click your fingers.


What enables a vehicle showroom to stand out from one another? Apart from their selection of cars, of course.

By far, this is the vehicle showroom design. With Swisstrax garage flooring, you are spoilt for choice, with seventeen different colours to choose from. You can also mix and match these, creating a truly unique design like no other.

Red for the Ferarri pad, for example. Green and yellow for the Lotus you’re showing. It’s incredibly stylish and really cool to create exactly what you want. Perhaps you want to go with racing red, arctic white, or even choose to create a union jack - the choice is yours.

We do recommend that you give us a call and let us know the size of your hot tub, and we will work with you quickly to find the best style, colours and design for the ground around your tub. We’ve sold thousands and thousands of these tiles over the past few years, we’ve seen some great ideas, so we’ll be happy to share.

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