Man Caves Flooring


You’ve just turned 30, you can’t find the time of day, or peace to watch the football, or the soaps, and the kids are running wild in the living room. Again.

Perhaps it’s time to invest in a man cave - a place to do you; to focus on hobbies, to watch whatever you like to watch, to hang out with friends, or to play a game of pool or two. In peace.

Man caves are becoming more and more popular, it’s like escaping to the pub from the comfort of your own home - a place to let your hair down and relax. A personalised utopia made by you, for you.

Before you go ahead and choose any old flooring for your man cave, you may want to consider Swisstrax - the world’s finest modular flooring, a stylish and versatile flooring solution available to buy from Gala Tent, the UK’s only official supplier of Swisstrax modular flooring. Swisstrax modular flooring is a premium global brand in flooring systems, and can transform any old space into a bright, inviting, and above all comfortable place to be.


All Swisstrax flooring ranges are completely compatible with one another, allowing you to mix and match for a unique man cave look.

Likewise, there is also a choice of 17 + different colours to choose from. These include racing red, jet black, teal, island blue, tropical orange, and arctic white.

You can also mix the colours together, perhaps going for a multiple coloured floor, checkered pattern, or flag-like design - the choice is yours.


While creating a man cave should be a project, there’s no harm in opting for an easy to put together flooring.

All Swisstrax flooring clips together and slots into place - requiring no tools or adhesive. Put together in a matter of minutes, your man cave is ready to go, impressing the neighbours and your bachelor friends.

With such easy installation, this also makes it super easy to clean and maintain. Unclipping the tiles allows you to brush or hoover underneath, preventing a build-up of dust.


Many men choose to implement a bar in their man cave, whether an old cabinet and a couple of bottles of whiskey or opting for the full works. Nevertheless, spills are inevitable. All Swisstrax flooring is liquid resistance and contains a non-slip design, preventing sticky floors and promoting a hazard-free environment. This is thanks to a series of channels built-in to the underside of each tile, alongside the vented design. This enables liquid to run off and disperse evenly, quickly evaporating. At most, wiping the tiles once in a while will be required - only if you commonly find yourself spilling Jack Daniel’s whilst missing the black and potting the white in a game of pool.

We do recommend that you measure your space and give us a call, and we will work with you quickly to find the best style, colours and design for your space. We’ve sold thousands and thousands of these tiles over the past few years, we’ve seen some great ideas, so we’ll be happy to share.

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