Hot tub flooring


How many times have you hopped out the hot tub with a glass of bubble and nearly fallen into another dimension, embarrassing yourself in front of family or friends? Maybe somebody got it on camera and now you’ve gone viral?

While hot tubs are luxurious and a great way to spend those late summer nights after a BBQ, often the flooring surrounding the hot tub gets wet quickly, creating a slippery and often dangerous task of getting out the tub and back in the house.

This is made even more dangerous with family get-togethers, perhaps with kids running around outside near the wet and slippery hot tub flooring. Instead, we propose Swisstrax flooring for under and around your hot tub.

Swisstrax flooring, only available to buy officially in the UK from Gala Performance, is a strong, non-slip, self-draining, versatile flooring option used in many home gyms, garages, swimming pools, and other locations. With fully customisable colours and non-slip design, not only will you be creating a safe space to chill in the tub, but you’ll also add that personal touch your hot tub was missing.


The most popular flooring from Swisstrax, the Ribtrax, alongside our other ranges contain a non-slip and self-draining design. This is achieved with a series of channels built into the underside of each tile, enabling liquids to run off and disperse evenly. The vented design of the Ribtrax tiles enables liquids to evaporate quickly, creating a safe and non-slip environment.

The Ribtrax is also resistant to a manner of fluids, whether you spill a full glass of Jack Daniel’s or accidentally drop a little bit of oil, the fluid will run off the tile leaving no stain and at most requiring a simple wipe down or clean, leaving your feet clean of muck when you climb back into the bubbles of your hot tub.


All Swisstrax flooring tiles are super simple to put together, requiring no tools for installation. The tiles clip together with a secure fit then placed on the floor without the need for glue or any other adhesive.

This makes it ideal for cleaning, simply un-clipping the tiles in a matter of minutes, sweeping underneath the tiles, and putting them back together.

It really is that simple.


Finally, whether rain or shine you can rest assured knowing your Swisstrax flooring will remain intact. The high impact copolymer of the Swisstrax Ribtrax can tolerate temperatures as low as -22 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 248 degrees F. Perfect for those hot British summers (which we occasionally get), or those cold and wintery escapes to the warmth of the hot tub in December. Swisstrax Modular Flooring, only available to buy officially in the UK from Gala Performance.

We do recommend that you give us a call and let us know the size of your hot tub, and we will work with you quickly to find the best style, colours and design for the ground around your tub. We’ve sold thousands and thousands of these tiles over the past few years, we’ve seen some great ideas, so we’ll be happy to share.

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