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Sponsored race tents make all the difference

Race tents are a must-have product in the motorsport world. Whether club level or professional level, not everybody gets use of the garages, so a race tent provides a warm and dry place for drivers, team members, and VIPs to relax before and after the race.

We’re racers ourselves, so we know that sometimes the choice can be between a new set of tyres, or a new shelter for the team or the vehicle (in our case, it’s a mighty Citroen C1, but in yours it may be a high powered bike, kart or classic Vauxhall Vectra), and if we could provide free tents for all, we would, but unfortunately that’s not commercially viable. However, just because WE can’t provide you with a new race tent, it doesn’t mean another sponsor can’t help.

Nowadays, more and more teams are moving away from requesting total financial sponsorship in exchange for a logo on the car, and moving toward requesting that vital equipment be bought to aide with the running of the team, and one of the most popular of these requests is a fully printed pop-up race tent, purchased by their sponsors, and emblazoned with the logos of those same sponsors.

If your team is on the smaller side or you can’t justify the cost of a large, customisable tent, why not pitch the idea to your sponsor? Plenty of motorsport sponsors have done this, including karting rising star, Ty Cuthbert, backed by Buildbase. The benefits of a custom sponsored race tent are numerous, not only for you as a team, but for the sponsor as well.

For example, benefits of a sponsored tent include:

• Increased brand exposure for your sponsor and your team.
• Attract Passing eyes in the paddock.
• Increased presence on social media.

Most notably, a large custom branded race tent allows your sponsor to print their name in large font, besides their logo. Without a doubt, this increases brand exposure for your sponsors, perhaps creating a household name.

Think about it. Would your sponsor rather provide you with a few hundred pounds to get their logo on the front quarter in about 3inch height, or would that cash be better suited to both of you if the sponsor pays for the tent, and received full branding coverage? 3 inches, versus 18m² of glorious race tent? Size matters!

On large race days with TV coverage, further exposure is achieved for both the sponsor and the motorsport team. This increases the presence on social media, with fans sharing images of the drivers, the paddock, and the course.

For a relatively low, one time cost, your sponsor gains public advertisement and awareness from their brand, with a chance of this being featured on live television or social media if the event is recorded.


Race tents are a great place for drivers and team members to relax and unwind before a race, or to work on the vehicle between races. However, a custom race tent is so much more than shelter on race day.

The larger the tent, the bigger brand details and visible sponsorship, thus increasing exposure. Alongside the sponsors custom brand details, you can also rep your race team name and logo, great for promoting your team and its pinnacle drivers. Take your tent out to trade shows or exhibition events such as Trax, or Ford Fair, and use the tent to shelter your stand. Continuous, effective advertising for you and your sponsors, and the more people see you out there connected with their brand? The better the relationship grows, and the more likely they are to support you again next season.

If you’re looking to take your race paddock to the next level, consider adding custom feather flags. These flags too can be supported by your sponsor, increasing brand awareness for your team and their company or product.

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If you’re on the lookout for race sponsorship, Gala Performance is not currently taking individual proposals on, but we’re always happy to make new friends in motorsport, especially the talented ones, and who knows? It could be the start of a beautiful relationship.

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