Pop Up Pitch Perch

The Gala Performance pop-up pitch perch is an innovative space-spacing motorsport solution that was developed exclusively in our work shop by chief engineer Andrew Scott. The all-in-one framework can be built in a matter of minutes, providing rapid shelter for pit lane professionals quickly. It comes with a series of useful innovations, designed to make life in the pit lane as simple as it can be.

Exclusively developed by Gala Performance, this is the pop up pit perch. Perfect for endurance racing and VIP pit lane experiences, this product is in use across UK and Europe.

Its key features ensure that this perch offers maximum value for a much lower price than hard top pit perches.

What is a Pit Perch?

A pit perch, also affectionately known as a prat perch, is a slim-framed shelter that sits along the trackside edge of a motorsport pit lane. It is the place that the pit lane technicians and strategists will spend time working on the pitting strategy of a race team as the race happens, communicating messages to the drivers as they pass the pit lane.

The pit perch would usually be large enough for 3 or more people to spend time watching monitors as well as watching what happens on the track.

Usually, these structures would be transported around from workshop to circuit in a flight case, and take a good portion of set up time to build in situ. However, Gala Performance has developed a pop-up version, manufactured using the technology from our patented Pro 40 pop-up motorsport gazebo range. This innovative product is a game-changing development for motorsport.

The Story of the Pop Up Pit Perch

Crafted through two years of meticulous development by our in-house engineer, Andrew Scott, the Gala Performance Pop-Up Pit Perch delivers exclusive functionality for motorsport teams.

Our race team (Gala Performance Racing) competes in endurance racing, participating in the popular Silverlake Citroen C1 Challenge. During our six years of racing, what stood out to Andrew was that pit perches were carted around in cumbersome cases and boxes. These boxes take up a large amount of space in the race trailers, which are often already full to brimming with the important engineering and mechanical equipment.

So Andrew disappeared into his workshop with frames from our Gala Shade Pro gazebo range, measuring and cutting them to understand the angles and how best they might work to create the largest possible structure that would work on a pit lane, anywhere in the world. His key objectives were to create something of the right size and weight, whilst delivering the kind of functionality you'd see in a more heavyweight and expensive piece of kit.

The perch was officially unveiled at Autosport International in 2020, gaining many orders that were delivered across the UK, Scandinavia and mainland Europe. Our pop-up pitch perch remains one of the most innovative motorsport pit lane solutions on the market.

Key Features of the Pop Up Pit Perch

  • 650gsm Black PVC covers

  • Fully enclosable with windows and zip door

  • Customisable with team branding

  • Internal storage pockets

  • Wheeled Storage Bag included

  • Pop-Up Construction

  • Steel Table

  • 3-Monitor TV Bracket

  • Electrical Output Station (UK sockets)

  • LED Light Strip

If you're a race team from anywhere in the world and you need a pit lane solution that travels light and pops up to provide shelter for your team and analytical equipment, then get in touch with our team of experts on +441709803457, start a live chat via the icon in the bottom right, or simply send us a message via the form below and we'll be back in touch as quickly as possible.

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