Pop Up Race Motorsport Shelters

Pop up Shelters for Motorsport, Retail and More!

Gala Performance Pop Up race tents offer a versatile and convenient solution for a range of motorsport and event applications. Their quick and easy assembly makes them ideal for trackdays and other motorsport events, allowing you to set up your workspace or shelter your vehicle in minutes.

The durable construction withstands unpredictable weather conditions, protecting your equipment and team from the elements. Whether you need a spacious area for working on your car or a comfortable pit stop for drivers, Gala Performance tents come in various sizes to suit your needs. Additionally, their professional appearance enhances your team's image at events and car shows, while customisable branding options allow you to showcase your sponsors or promote your business. From pop-up trade stalls to functional team shelters, Gala Performance Pop Up tents provide a reliable and versatile solution for various motorsport and event needs.

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