Lights out for the Fun Cup Endurance Championship at Oulton Park

Since its inception by Franz Dubois in 1997 in Belgium, the Fun Cup has grown into a prominent one-make racing series, celebrated for its blend of competitiveness and camaraderie among motorsport enthusiasts. Featuring identical, 130 bhp, 740 kg single-seater racing cars that mimic the Volkswagen Beetle, the series extends an equal playing platform that relies on driver skill and teamwork.

Launched in the UK in 2002, the Fun Cup Endurance Championship has mirrored this ethos of access and excitement, drawing competitors from various backgrounds to its cost-effective, exhilarating racing battles. Deploying a 1.8L Audi/VW engine paired with a Sadev 5 Speed sequential gearbox, the championship ensures fairness by sealing these components along with other major ones to maintain equal performance across the board. This framework of racing has not only been successful in the UK but has also captivated audiences and racers in countries including Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, and Germany.

Embracing a calendar that spans 7 race weekends with a cumulative 36 hours of nail-biting racing, the Fun Cup Endurance Championship at Oulton Park promises unparalleled motorsport excitement. Renowned for its extraordinary hospitality, complete with gourmet meals prepared by French chef Valerie and complimentary beverages for drivers and guests, the championship stands out as much for its friendly paddock atmosphere as for its fierce competition on the track.

Every race is not only a test of endurance and strategy but also an exhibition of unparalleled camaraderie, streamed live to engage motorsport fans globally. This is precisely why events like the Fun Cup capture the hearts of motorsports aficionados, sponsors, and teams alike, making places like Oulton Park not just race tracks near me but temples of endurance racing, where hospitality, sponsorship, and the pure thrill of motorsport converge.

An Exciting Kickoff at Oulton Park Circuit

This event marked the first of ten rounds, setting the stage for a season of intense and close racing. The previous season's finale saw the top five cars finish within a mere 2.5 seconds of each other, underscoring the championship's reputation for tight competition and high-calibre driving.

Accompanying the Fun Cup on this thrilling day, the Nankang Tyre BMW Compact Cup will see its first 2024 race, with defending champion Gareth Claydon facing stiff competition from notable drivers like Matt Flowers and the Doble brothers. Additionally, the Super Classic Pre ‘99 Formula Ford Championship and the Modified Ford Series, sponsored by MotorV8 Media, add to the day's excitement, featuring over thirty cars across six classes.

Not only does the event showcase the Fun Cup's commitment to equal playing fields and high standards of driving, but it also highlights Oulton Park's challenging 4.300 KM track with 17 turns, where Team 49 - 2Rent set a lap record of 1.58.880 by driver Harry Mailer. This record-breaking venue, having hosted the last race of the 2023 season where a teenage trio triumphed, continues to be a focal point for motorsport enthusiasts and competitors alike.

Gala Performance - Proud Sponsors of the Fun Cup Championship

As proud sponsors of the Fun Cup Championship, we were invited along to see their lovely new Hospitality set up, oh and to see some racing of course.

Along with supplying the striking Blue and Silver flooring, we also supplied the Fun Cup Team with Branded floor mats, table cloths and a pop up stand. The most recent product product to join the family was one of our Pop up Pit perches which we branded up to match.

Branding and Equipment Supply: As a leading UK supplier, Gala Performance has equipped the championship with Swisstrax garage flooring and branded hospitality products, elevating the professional appearance of the event and ensuring functional efficiency in the pit and paddock areas.

These strategic contributions by Gala Performance not only enhance the operational aspects of the Fun Cup Championship but also contribute to its aesthetic and competitive integrity.

Branded Floor Mats

Custom Printed Table Cloths

The Competitive Edge of Fun Cup Championship

The Fun Cup Endurance Championship distinguishes itself through a unique blend of competitive edge and accessibility, making it a standout series in UK motorsport.

All cars in the championship are identical VW Beetle-inspired models with no performance modifications, ensuring a level playing field for all drivers.

The use of controlled parts including sealed engines and gearboxes, prevents any performance disparities among competitors.

With races lasting between 3 to 6 hours and qualifications set through a random ballot rather than performance times, the focus remains squarely on driver skill and team strategy.

Inclusivity and Flexibility:

The championship offers various participation options catering to different levels of experience and commitment. Options range from single race 'Arrive & Drive' packages starting at £3500 + VAT to full season commitments with professional teams from £23,510 + VAT.

For those new to the series, there are taster sessions and track & test days, providing an easy entry point into the world of motorsport.

Rewards and Recognition

A significant prize of £10,000 is awarded to any team of brand-new drivers who win their debut race, incentivizing new entrants and highlighting the championship’s commitment to nurturing new talent.

The Masters Championship acknowledges seasoned drivers, with additional recognition for teams with a driver or drivers aged 55 or above, promoting diversity in age and experience within the competitive scene.

This structure not only fosters a spirited and equitable racing environment but also enhances the overall appeal of the Fun Cup Endurance Championship, drawing enthusiasts from various backgrounds to participate in or follow the series.

Exclusive Discounts and Benefits for Teams and Drivers

Gala Performance elevates the Fun Cup Endurance Championship experience by offering exclusive discounts for teams and drivers:

Simply contact Nathan on 01709 803 457 or email nathan@galaperformance to receive your unique link which will automatically be applied to your basket.

Fun Cup Racing Packages

Teams can opt for full-season racing support priced at £23,510 + VAT, ensuring a professional setup and management throughout the championship.

For individual races, the 'Arrive & Drive' racer package starts at £3,500 + VAT, providing a hassle-free experience with the Fun Cup 97 'Marlboro' endurance car ready for competitive action.

Enhanced Race Weekend Experience:

Each race weekend is structured to maximize track time and exposure, including 2 hours of exclusive testing per team, a 45-minute qualifying session, and an endurance race lasting between 4 to 6 hours.

Additional amenities include access to pit garages and exceptional hospitality, ensuring teams and their guests enjoy a comfortable and engaging environment.

All Fun Cup races are live-streamed, offering teams additional promotional opportunities and exposure.

Gala Performance / Fun Cup Championship Pop Up Pit Perch

Contact Info:

Teams interested in testing or booking a race can contact Kris at 07729 334180 or via email at

For upgrading paddock setups or Enquiries about the discounts, Nathan from Gala Performance is available at 01709 913969 or

Gala Performance's Story

Gala Performance's foray into motorsport began with a strategic sponsorship deal with United Autosports in the prestigious World Endurance Championship. This partnership marked the beginning of a profound journey in motorsport, fuelled by the directors' deep-rooted passion for the sport. The team, led by directors Mark Thompson, Andrew Scott, and Nathan Lord, has since made significant strides in the competitive racing arena.

Their involvement extended to participating in the inaugural 24 Hours of Silverstone as part of the Citroen C1 Challenge. The team competed with a standard first-generation Citroen C1, equipped solely with safety modifications like a full MSA approved roll-cage and harness, emphasising the importance of driver skill over vehicle enhancements. This event was not only a test of endurance but also highlighted Gala Performance’s commitment to grassroots motorsport.

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