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An Interview with Club Racing UK


Our paths first crossed with the Club Racing UK crew back in 2016, amidst the adrenaline-pumping atmosphere of Rockingham (a track sorely missed by many). Fast forward to the awe-inspiring Goodwood Festival of Speed, where we found ourselves reunited – this time cheering on VRD Motorsport's beautifully restored Rheila Golf tackling the rally stage.

Let's shift gears and hear from the masterminds behind Club Racing UK, Nick Holmes and Stefan Marsh, as they share their insights on nurturing the vibrant flame of motorsport!

Who are CRUK?

Club Racing UK is all about camaraderie and a shared passion for motorsports. We're a club that goes beyond just the race track, fostering a community of petrolheads and driving enthusiasts. Whether you're a seasoned racer with years of experience under your belt, or a newcomer who's always dreamt of feeling the thrill of competition, Club Racing UK offers a welcoming space to connect with like-minded individuals.

For the racers, we provide a platform to hone your skills, test your limits, and compete in a supportive environment. We organise race events throughout the year, catering to a variety of car classes and experience levels. You'll find opportunities to race wheel-to-wheel, learn from more experienced drivers, and push yourself to achieve your racing goals.

But Club Racing UK isn't just for racers. We understand that the love for motorsport extends far beyond the driver's seat. Our club welcomes enthusiasts of all kinds. Perhaps you're a car fanatic who enjoys tinkering in the garage and learning about the mechanics of racing vehicles. Maybe you simply love the atmosphere of race day and the energy of watching competitive driving. Whatever your passion within the world of motorsport, Club Racing UK provides a space to connect with others who share your enthusiasm.

Through regular events, forums, and social gatherings, you'll have the chance to share knowledge, swap stories, and be part of a community that celebrates its love for all things motorsport. So, if you're looking for a welcoming and inclusive group of people who share your passion for fast cars and the thrill of the race track, then Club Racing UK is the place for you.

Why should we listen to you (Club Racing UK)?

Nick: We're passionate about the sport we all love. We have also been through the arduous ordeal of figuring what equipment you NEED, the best series to join, getting misinformation left, right and centre. The rubbish (that) you need to be wealthy etc to enjoy this sport. We just do our best to clear the muddied water that's been created.  


Stefan: We are a couple of guys with a big passion for club racing. We try to help promote, support and help people within the sport and people looking to get into the sport with knowledge, promotion and social presence. 

What makes Club Racing so special?

Nick: The accessibility and camaraderie. Nowhere else will you get everyone in the paddock chipping away, helping their competitors get on the grid, lend parts, work hours to swap engines together, then race door to door the next day and high-5 and have a beer afterwards, you can't beat it. And for the fans, where else can you come meet the team, sit in a car, talk about what's what and not get fleeced for the experience? Nowhere!   


What are the biggest challenges that club racers face?

Nick: Always budget to get on track, the rising costs are spiralling but it's the other bits people don't realise. To compete in most series' you have to have fresh tyres, brakes, the highest tuned engines. That's the bit a lot of people miss out, you can spend thousands on racing trying to keep up with the people with deep pockets.  


Stefan: It’s completely dependent on the individual, but (having) the budget to race would probably be the biggest. 

Favourite series and why?

Nick: We couldn't possibly speak for just one series. We're lucky at Club Racing UK as we get to see so much but we have a real soft spot for the well-run, one-make series' out there. The ones that are fair and the ones where driver talent does the talking, not bank balance.  


Stefan: Any one-make series, as I feel it bring more competitive racing and is more about the drivers than the cars, but I’m a sucker for Mod Fords as I love the crazy machinery that enters.

Favourite Circuit?

Nick: Donington Park (I even have it tattooed on me). I just love the layout. The Craner curves down into the old hair pin are a phenomenal set of corners. 


Stefan: Brands Hatch due to Paddock Hill bend. Just a crazy corner and a fast passed track! 

Any advice for drivers looking to join the club racing scene?

Nick: Do your homework, join our community and don't rush into anything! Also, you don't need the Gucciest gear to race.  


Stefan: Join Club Racing UK and we can help steer you in a good direction to get started. 

Arrive and Drive or DIY?

Stefan: I like DIY as its more of an achievement building and running your own car but if I had the budget, I would do arrive and drive as it takes away some of the stress, not that DIY is cheaper but I think the cost is more spread out if everything goes well in the season 

This Interview has been taken from our latest issue of GP Quarterly. If you're interested in Motorsport; whether it be as a competitor or a spectator, grab you're copy by clicking the link below.

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